Dasco_What I Need (Right Here, Right Now) OUT NOW
Poncho Warwick_ Everybody's Dancing OUT NOW
Rob Roar Ibiza Scorchers Chart
Rockerfella Re-enters coolcuts chart etc etc
Rory Lyons_Piss Take No 2

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Poncho Warwick & Mikey V_Everybody’s Dancing EP
The Poncho Warwick style features melodic vocals paired with funk-jazz influences and deep, chunky bass-lines leading to collaborations with DJ Sneak, Doc Martin, Natural Rhythm and Vibezelect to name a few. In the words of the man himself, “I don’t try to predict the future of house, I just try to give it my imagination and push with my music. I try to inspire people into making and playing the right stuff...”
Rob Roar Feat. Keithen Carter - What's Happening?
BBCi Radio - Richie Roberts The bossman, (aka Mr White Isle) signals his intent! Phonetic dominance (again) A surefire Ibiza anthem. So far it's a straight fight Oliver $ or Rob Roar (fight!!) 2 classics in the making Brilliant! See you on the White side. NO.3 DMC BUZZ CHART 7-5-14 "What's Happening? The Phonetic boss is hapening! Massive tune from the guvnor."
Rob Roar, Trevor Fung, Tony Wilson, Brandon Block, Alex P, Andy Manston, 2 Good Souls, Tristan Ingram, Jason Bye, Trace Smartie Party Harris on Percussion, Gorgon Edge "The Trumpet Man" (LIVE)

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